Changling Druid Bear Shaman



The Changeling offspring of a Hag and an Ulfen warrior, Dagny was rescued at birth by her father’s war band and raised by his best friend, Hurlan, and his wife Gerde after they attacked the coven. Forced to flee, her Hag mother retreated to Ustalav. When Dagny began to feel her mother’s call at 14, she set out with her brothers and their war band to destroy the Hag. Victorious, her brothers and their war band returned home via the Land of the Mammoth Lords and Dagny continued on to visit her old pen pal, Professor Lorrimor.


Asta is Dagny’s animal companion. Asta is the young daughter of the first bear Dagny spoke to, an old man of the ice that was facing his last season. The armor Dagny wears is made of his thick hide, which he told her to take as he died.


Varg is the horse she was given as she left home on the quest to kill her Hag mother. Varg is too dumb to know when shit has really hit the fan, so her family decided he would be great for Dagny to have along.


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